Better Information Leads to Better Choices

Most restaurants would benefit from a clearer picture of their operations and performance.  Seasoned companies, such as Starbucks, know their profit and loss for every minute at each store. How detailed is your knowledge of your profit and loss per day, or even per week or month?  Do you know which menu items make you the most money?  Call us at 408-865-1300 for custom financial data software and systems that will track this information while decreasing your bookkeeping burden.

Full Service Bookkeeping and Legal Advising for your Restaurant or Retail Business

In-house Legal, Financial, and Advisor packages start at $350 per month and offer you a valuable, holistic counselor who understands your business, offers you relevant and detailed data, and will spot potential issues before they erupt.


Financial and Legal Package

(~$350 – $450 per month)
  • Bookkeeping System on Accrual Basis
  • Payroll and COGS Expenses Accrued on a Day by Day Basis
  • Review of Actual Labor Hours and Costs to Scheduled
  • Weekly and Monthly Financial Statement
  • Cash Flow Projector
  • Traditional or 13 Period Accounting
  • Sales Tax Return Filing
  • Complete Payroll Processing
  • (Manual bill input and check runs for additional charge, based on volume)

Financial, Legal, and Advising Package

(~$500 per month)
  • Includes all Financial Package Services
  • Payroll Management & HR Services – Review hours, OT and break policy, draft employee agreements, structure compensation packages to legally avoid OT where possible, responses to wage garnishments, responses to unemployment claims, pre-termination advising
  • Monthly Face to Face Financial Review & Legal Advising
  • Tax Advising
  • Preparation of Additional Programs at Client’s Request – to manage ordering, scheduling, COGS performance, etc.
  • Cell Phone access to Attorney for Real Time Answers to Legal or Financial Questions

Additional Services Offered

  • Tax Returns Preparation
  • Profit & Loss Break Down by Hour and Per Menu Item
  • Advising on: COGS Management, Menu Design Advising to Increase Profits, Detailed Tracking of Marketing Program Result, Social Media Marketing Advising